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Mat Larson

Owner/Coach/Nutrition Coach


CrossFit Level 1 certification

ISSA Certified Nutritionist

Working Against Gravity Certification

About Coach

I was always involved in sports growing up, playing both football and baseball throughout High School and at Winona State University. As much as I enjoyed those sports, I decided to switch to rugby for the last 2 years of college and had a blast doing it. After college I started working as a beer salesman - I immediately added 30lbs because of my love for beer, wings, and burgers. A few years into it I discovered CrossFit through a friend and was immediately hooked. I found that being a part of a community where people had similar goals and drive as I did, held me accountable for hitting the gym on a regular basis. I had a tight schedule, and being able to come in for an hour, get my work done, and get out, helped me maximize my day. Doing CrossFit brought my competitive drive back, which led me to start playing for Metropolis Rugby, a D1 Mens’ Rugby team that travels the country competing against some of the best. By doing CrossFit, I felt faster and more powerful than I ever did as a 21-Year-old college athlete! In the past few years, I have gotten into Western hunting and that requires a very high level of fitness, which falls right in line with what CrossFit is all about. Hiking 100 miles of mountains in a week is no easy task, but I am able to it because of all of my training beforehand. I have always been drawn to CrossFit because I am competitive, but having the ability to do ANY task laid out in front of me, keeps me going every day. Being a part of the community has changed my life for the better, and I wouldn’t change anything about it!

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