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I’ve always been surrounded by fitness and health. With my parents being college athletes, marathon runners, and outdoor enthusiasts, I didn’t see life without an active lifestyle growing up. This carried over into high school sports where I played football, hockey, and ran track. I’ve never been a physical freak but have always had that motor to improve and embrace the physical and mental boundaries of fitness. Throughout college and engineering school at Iowa State, I was always looking for new ways to fit in. I ran, lifted weights, and played sports whenever I could. During the 2020 pandemic, I found myself running 4 miles, and doing 10 rounds of pull-ups, pushups, and air squats every day. This looks a lot like Murph, a Crossfit benchmark workout that’s performed each Memorial Day. I was eventually introduced to Crossfit after my yoga instructor had heard this and suggested I go try it. Even with my background, it was a very humbling experience, but it brought back the competitive drive I had when playing sports. It also brought an amazing sense of community where everyone is attacking a common goal: to live a healthier lifestyle (and maybe go to the pain cave once in a while). Since I’ve started Crossfit it has given me the foundation and confidence to do the things I love like riding off-road vehicles, hunting, and staying active with my friends and family. Now, the fact I get to help people do the same is awesome!

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